Current Events 09-04-2015

The Myth of “White Privilege” A Brief History of White Privilege

If some lighter-skinned folks have achieved any “privilege” in America, it is because they earned it by scratching a living out of the world in the face of appalling discrimination, disease, privation, poverty, and genocide. “White Privilege” indeed.

The Purge Is Coming Remember the Law Is Only Sacred When It Furthers a Liberal Value; Liberals seem to have no regard for fundamental civil rights, just ones that help their agenda.

Governments do not exist to create equality, but to preserve inequality that benefits the ruling class.

Heh MMA fighter Monique Bastos destroys would-be thief

That’s what he GETS! I am teaching my daughters that if some man threatens their life or safety, they are to BRING THE PAIN! I’ve already told Elizabeth that when she goes off to college, I am buying her an ASP extending baton and a can of Mace, and I expect her to make use of them.

More Reasons to Homeschool SF School Adds Gender-Neutral Kindergarten Bathrooms


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