Current Events 10-27-2015

Well, nothing’s changed in the past couple weeks. Still election news. I hate election news.

If Bacon Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic Over Processed Meats Causing Cancer

Stupid, Bigoted Question Will Ben Carson’s Ideas About the Endtimes Scare Away Evangelical Voters? Don’t Count On It

Does no one study history? (a rhetorical question) When JFK was running, everybody lamented the certain Papal theocracy he would establish upon election. Same with Romney and Mormonism. It’s just the standard secularist, atheist bigotry we’ve come to associate with the Left. Yes, being a Christian (of sorts), he probably does think a lot of people are going to Hell (I do too). But at the same time, and we all do the same thing, we don’t KNOW with certainty the status of anybody’s soul, so our stance on Hell is more philosophical (Jesus said this, we agree), than personal (I think you’re going to Hell because I don’t like what you’re doing). The Leftist ideologues can’t attack him for being black, so they attack his faith. Class.

His Other Dogs Shooter and Bullet Will Not Be Allowed Near the Guns in the Future Dog named Trigger shoots owner in the foot in Indiana


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