Current Events 10-09-2015

Maybe He’s Not the Candidate We Deserve But the Candidate We Need 😉 How Republicans Should Handle Donald Trump

Did It Not Occur to Anybody This Might Be a Bad Idea? Mom says Playmobil play-set comes with racist instructions

What next, the Nazi 3rd Reich Action Playset, complete with optional Gas Chamber Concentration Camp Expansion Pack? I don’t think that the many, many horrifying episodes in human history are suitable material for a child’s imagination play time. However, considering how ridiculously expensive those sets are, I believe I would probably just pitch that action figure and keep the rest of the set.

Once a Classified Document is Leaked, Can It Really Be Considered Classified Anymore? I showed leaked NSA slides at Purdue, so feds demanded the video be destroyed

Well!? Murdoch Says Carson Would Be ‘Real Black President,’ Left Goes Nuts


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