Current Events 11-09-2015

Why Are You People Drinking Their Nasty Burnt Swill, Anyway? Christian evangelists claim Starbucks fanned ‘war on Christmas’ with minimalist holiday red coffee cups 

I think the author of the article means Christian EVANGELICALS. Blasted autocorrect. Seriously, though, why are Christians buying Starbucks anyway? Starbucks is a very open and unashamed supporter of Planned Parenthood and Alphabet Soup (LGBT) rights, including gay marriage. WHY ARE YOU DRINKING THEIR COFFEE!!?? Who cares if they drop a lot of American cultural Christmas icons from their cups. Christmas is not a Christian holiday anyway. It is at best an homage that is loosely attached to the birth of Christ on account of nobody can say with certainty when in the calendar year Jesus was actually birthed (I favor the born in the Spring theory). Not one of our Christmas traditions are either Biblical or Christian, although they gain a sort of “Christiosity” through Christians’ participation. So when a plainly anti-Christian corporation like Starbucks drops their very non-Christian cultural Christmas icons from its cups during the Christmas season, why do we care? For the love of God, people, can’t you see how this very behavior plays into the stereotypes of evangelicals as wild-eyed fundamentalist nut jobs? Don’t waste your money on their overpriced swill. Drink the vastly superior Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s, or here’s a thought, find a local roaster/brewer, buy your coffee there and support a local business. 

The Fix Is In Dr. Ben Carson Plays Defense as Biographical Questions Pile Up


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