Current Events 01-18-2016

Business as Usual The State of the Union Is Divided—as Usual

Despicable Spot Where Salem ‘Witches’ Were Hanged Identified

The Puritans were a fundamentalist sect of Christianity that separated from the Anglican church and came to America to build their own theocracy, which they did in Massachusetts. They did not require personal conversion through faith in Jesus Christ, which they derided as “experimental religion”, so their churches were filled with unregenerate people who were considered members of the “elect” because they’d had water dribbled on their foreheads as a baby. They were vicious persecutors of anybody who they deemed to be “different”. This included the Baptists, who believed in independent congregations, a membership of regenerate Christians, baptism only for the saved (they denied infant baptism), and that congregations should be allowed to choose their own leadership. The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights was formed at the behest of Baptist preachers and was intended among other things to secure protections for religious freedom, such that groups like the Puritans would not be permitted to extend their brand of theocracy to the new republic. The Salem Witch trials are only one atrocity among many for this evil group of separatist fundamentalists who falsely claimed allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Yet Another Outrageous Government Boondoggle 5 Reasons Why Our F-35s Are Too Dangerous to Fly

Boeing’s design was better. Lockheed got the contract through the usual process of graft and outright lies.


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