Current Events 01-26-2016

Skeletons in the Liberal Closet The Dark History of Liberal Reform

Because most people don’t study history, or really read all that much, they are probably unaware of what has happened in the recent past. They are unaware of the progressives in the early 20th century who admired German fascism from afar, and dreamed of suspending the Bill of Rights in order to impose their own order on society. They have forgotten that before they were called Planned Parenthood, they were called the American Eugenics Society, and were dedicated to genocide, government mandated sterilization for “undesirables”, and the limiting of reproduction for “inferiors”. They are blind to the history of the Democratic party, which were the perpetrators of Jim Crow, because blacks have to be controlled. They buy into the religion of sciencism, and refuse to remember that before Hitler made it unfashionable, institutionalized racism and eugenics were all the rage among America’s progressive elites. They just go right along with the party line, not aware of the evil philosophical legacy of the liberals whom they support.


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