Current Events 01-27-2016

The Modern Day PC Commissars Want to Co-Opt the Civil Rights Movement U of Oregon Debates Removing MLK Quote For Not Being Inclusive Enough

I’ll say it again: homosexuality, fornication, and adultery are sin. Diversity is Soviet code language for statist enforcement of an anti-Christian, atheist hegemony. The Ministry of Truth has to correct history to make sure we don’t ever encounter ideas that contradict the Party line. Personally, I think Mr. King would be disgusted with all this diversity (he was a Reverend after all), and how race baiters and panderers have hijacked his movement for their own ends.

Massive Government Boondoggle Presidential Candidates Rushing to Support Ethanol Subsidies Ahead of Iowa Caucus

King Corn is killing America, one mouthful and one tank of “gas” at a time. We are literally burning food to fuel our SUVs, while poor nations that could use that cheap food starve. And it doesn’t even help the environment.

I’m Starting to Suspect We Have a Trojan Horse Here Trump and the Rise of the Donor Class

You can’t get a more ringing endorsement than what Cruz has received from the Donor Class – they would rather deal with Trump than see him elected. I want a Conservative President who will NEVER deal with Democrats. I want a Conservative who will carpet bomb the political establishment and behave like a majority party for a change.


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