Current Events 03-01-2016

Encryption is the Private Citizen’s Defense Against Government Abuse of Power Don’t Trust the FBI’s Ability to Keep an iPhone Back Door to Itself

Beware Your Sins Will Find You Out Life after the Ashley Madison affair

Never do anything online you don’t want to go public.

Real Life Flying Dutchman Ghost yacht horror as mummified body of adventurer found sitting at desk of vessel drifting at sea for years

And Yet, She Will Never Be Charged Because Laws Don’t Apply to Clintons There Are 1,800 Reasons Why the Controversy Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails Is Far From Over

Already, My Evangelical Friends Are Doing the Democrat’s Work For Them Inside the Clintons’ Plan to Defeat Donald Trump

The End of the Establishment A New GOP Is Born; Regardless of nominee, Trump surge marks ‘death rattle’ of establishment

It’s a new day.


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