Current Events 03-03-2016

The GOP Did This. Time to Stop Whining and Crying and Threatening to Not Vote (Vote For Hillary), and Support the Nominee. GOP strategist Castellanos: Time to rally around Trump, ‘too late to ask mommy to step in and rewrite rules’

If Cruz Has Any Chance of Overtaking Trump, Rubio Has to Drop Out It’s Time for Rubio to Go

Stupid Gotcha Journalism Trump Wins ‘Disavowal’ Game, Then Super Tuesday

Missing the Point Donald Trump May Not Know The Secret Of His Success

The people who are freaking out over Trump have failed to perceive WHY he is doing so well. It’s not because his followers are stupid. Far from it. It’s because they see an opportunity in Trump to do irreparable harm to the Washington Establishment that has insulted, ignored, and patronized them for 50 years. We have the opportunity to destroy the political class once and for all, and to change our party into something worth voting for. The candidate who does this is almost an afterthought to the importance of obliterating the oligarchy and denying Hillary the White House.


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