Current Events 03-05-2016

Exactly. People Don’t Want More of the Same. Trump Supporters—in Their Own Words—Demonstrate How Little GOP Understands What’s Happening; Nobody cares that he’s not a ‘real conservative.’ That’s not the point.

And This Is Precisely Why Trump Skipped The Last Fox Debate – They Are Tools of the Republican Establishment. Donald Trump Was Set Up

The Technology Has Not Been Invented That Surpasses the Efficiency of Fossil Fuels The Dirty Little Secret about All-Electric Vehicles

Well This is One Crime That <puts on sunglasses> Has a Lock on Hearing YEEEAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Man left furious after jokers attached a padlock to his ear

I Am Truly Going to Miss That Show The 4 Most Important Things MythBusters Taught the World


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