Current Events 05-10-2016

Cap Represents the Spirit of America, Our Virtue and Idealism Captain America’s ‘heterosexual virility’ lamented by Vanity Fair

This is why, when the America he finds himself in turns against civil liberties and honor, he is the one who leads the resistance. It’s also why he is not now nor ever shall be homosexual. Once upon a time in America, men in America had friends that they loved, and never in anyone’s wildest imaginations was that relationship considered “queer”. Men were permitted to be men, to be strong and masculine and honorable. That has been all but destroyed in our sick, diseased, terminal culture. Men are considered stupid, violent, potential rapists and/or pedophiles, and have been isolated from each other by the specter of homosexuality and from society by radical feminism. We love Captain America because he is a shadow of a better past which, for all its flaws, at its worst was still better than the spineless, weak, wicked nation that has been built on the murdered corpse of the past.

Godwin’s Law On Full Display Study Shows People Still Love Inappropriately Referencing Nazis Online

Sexual Perversion is Not a Civil Right Transgender Restrooms are not a Civil Right

Fake Constitutional Rights Have No Authority to Usurp Actual Constitutional Rights Why Shouldn’t Private Employers Get to Make Hiring Decisions Based on Their Beliefs?

Enough of the Vitriol Okay, #NeverTrump, Enough Already

This is a historic election, on par with 1980, 1964, and 1864. If you sit this one out, or worse, vote for either an independent or Hillary, you will have substantively harmed your nation and forfeited any right to claim to love it.

The Establishment Has Had Its Day Who Promoted Private Ryan?

Populism is the result when government ignores the will of the governed. It is the course correction of a free people. It is also the last stage before bloody revolt.


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