Current Events 05-09-2016

Well, I’m Glad That’s Settled Donkey Kong’s all-time record broken again, with a ‘perfect’ game

 R.I.P., and Good Riddance The Republican Party Died Long Before Trump

There is no conservative party. It briefly existed during Reagan’s presidency, but it was promptly murdered when his RINO running mate took office. We are being cajoled into supporting a GOP that hasn’t existed since 1988. Trump is the first one to have a real shot at building something new, not continue pretending the corpse isn’t dead (Weekend at Bernies or the Dead Parrot Sketch, take your pick).

The GOP As the Establishment Has Become Accustomed to It Will Not Be Permitted to Exist Ever Again Donald Trump’s GOP

This Is What Government By the People and For the People Looks Like Donald Trump and the Dictates of Prudence

It only FEELS strange because we have become accustomed to life under an oligarchy.

#NeverTrump Is Really #OnlyHillary The ‘Never Trump’ Pouters

You people are fools. Deluded, petty, even childish fools. You are perfectly willing to cut off your nose to spite your face. Here we have the first true opportunity to seize control of our party back from the elitists who have been ruling us from on high since 1988, and because your mythical “Christian candidate” didn’t win, you stand prepared to deliver the White House to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Fools. Worse than fools, you’re traitors. Your much lauded and ill informed conscience will hand the White House to a godless woman who will appoint three liberal Supreme Court justices. Thus, far greater offenses to your naive conscience will be enshrined in law forever. Fools.

I Don’t Think Anything Trump Says is Accidental Donald Trump is going to troll his way to victory

Racist. Misogynist. Homophobe. Sexist. These are meaningless labels used by Stalinist thought police to silence political dissent. It’s high time somebody rapped the PC Thought Police right in the mouth. It’s not racist to want to keep Mexico from sending their dregs across the border so they don’t have to pay for them. It’s not sexist when a brainless news babe prattles off some liberal talking point and gets taken to school. WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE REAL DONALD TRUMP. What we have seen is how various factions wish to portray him. When you fools claim to be Republican but persist in talking like Democrats, you have lost all legitimacy.


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