Current Events 07-05-2016

Mad Science The 1970s “gay-cure” experiments written out of scientific history

Yeah, Bob Heath was a nut. And yet here’s the thing: because the APA changed the definition of homosexuality, we will never be allowed to know anything more about it. How EXACTLY do such same sex attractions develop, and how might they be cured? There is zero evidence that homosexuality is genetically determined, but until the 70’s, there was plenty of evidence that it was a mental disorder. After deviant behavior was re-defined as “normal”, all attempts to discover the mechanisms of the disease ceased. Instead, we have a statist religion of “gayness” that wishes to impose a Stalinist system of controlled speech and thought to enforce a wholly un-scientific viewpoint. And so the sick remain sick. Where’s the compassion in that?

Self-Governance Requires Defiance of Oligarchy Why the World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’

It Takes a Special Kind of Evil to Lie to Waze There Are Better Ways to Kill Traffic Than Lying to Waze

The transportation systems that were invented and constructed in the 50’s, and which overwhelmingly favored automotive traffic, are outdated and inadequate for our growing, largely urban, population. We need to stop wasting money on endless government boondoggles, globalist schemes, and vote-buying and focus our resources and intelligence on improving our infrastructure. Otherwise we wind up looking like every 3rd world country I’ve seen – outdated roads, crumbling infrastructure, stunted economic development.


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