Current Events 08-28-2016

We Own Ourselves Frederick Douglass on Capitalism, Slavery, and the ‘Arrant Nonsense’ of Socialism

The right to own property, to speak, to think, to worship, to produce wealth – this is the backbone of our egalitarian society. When government owns the land and the means of creating wealth, then no one is free.

Making Friends and Influencing People NIGEL FARAGE: Trump was MY warm-up man… but I gave him a bounce – and he’ll be new Ronald Reagan

Trump is not the monster the media wants him to be.

Nationalism ≠ Racism The 491: Is the Alt-Right Racist? Or is it nationalist?

All of the nations I have visited (I have been to many) all have their national identity and culture that they wish to protect from foreign intrusion. They enforce this through the application of immigration laws and policies. Why should America be any different?

Sin Produces Death The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled

If we declare as a society that people with substance addictions are really only “Chemically Enhanced” and then start having Chemical Pride rallies and demonizing anybody that views their lifestyle choices as a treatable disease, then we doom these people to never getting the help they need. That’s what we’ve done with gender politics in this country. The Bible correctly identifies sexual perversion as sin, and sin produces death. It kills everything. When we aid and abet sin, we aren’t helping, we are hurting, and the medical data backs this up.


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