Current Events 08-22-2017

The Nazis Are Not Right Wing. They Never Were. The Media’s Revisionist History of Nazis; Nazis are Leftists — and Charlottesville was a battle between Leftists. Hayek and Von Mises would agree.

“Racism” is a Leftist Pejorative Designed to End Debate, Smear Political Enemies, and Silence Dissent Unfounded Charges Of Racism Are Hate Speech Too

There Is Only the Human Race; Insisting On Separate “Races” Is The Very Definition of “Racism” A subversive idea: The end of race

Civil War Veterans and Soldiers Were Americans Too A Unionist’s Case for Preserving (Most) Confederate Monuments

This is where I land on the issue. I don’t buy the cries of “we have to preserve Southern heritage”, because I know very well that when many people say “Southern heritage”, they mean “antebellum white Southern heritage”. I also know that the flurry of statue building happened as a response to the Civil Rights movement. That said, there are some legitimate memorials to Civil War dead, and military personages like Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson, that are worthy of preservation. They are not glorifying the Confederacy, nor perpetuating racism. They are memorials to American soldiers who fought and died in a doomed rebellion.

Nathan Bedford Forrest on the other hand needs to go. Right now. No excuses.

Be Careful Democrats. Keep This Up and Decades of Brainwashing and Revisionist History Will Be Ruined. Low on funds again but knee-deep in KKK history

Of Course They Are – It’s Groupthink 101 The Left Is Making an Organized Attempt to Say If You Don’t Vote Democrat, You’re a Nazi

The Old GOP That Gave Us Romney, McCain, and the Bushes Is Dead – They Just Don’t Know It Yet Trump’s Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself


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