Current Events 08-24-2017

The Real Threat is the Totalitarian #AltLeft NYU Prof: Many Leftists Are ‘Wannabe Totalitarians’

Trump’s election did a lot of things. Among them is it ripped away the curtain concealing the levers of power in Washington. We have seen that there is a political class that runs the country. It marches in lockstep with the commissars of political ideology in academia, mass media, and the corporate sector. This forms a Maoist hegemony that is actively agitating against free speech and free religion in America. I don’t fear white supremacists, not because I happen to be a Person of Lighter Color, but because there aren’t enough of them to do anything. They’re fringe, nobody takes them seriously. The #AltLeft on the other hand controls the internet through its tech monopolies (Amazon,Facebook,Google), the economy, mass media, and education. They represent a serious threat to the American system of Democracy. If they succeed in somehow removing Trump from office, or persuade some nut to assassinate him, I very much fear it will provoke Civil War. And as a patriot I will have no choice but to participate. I cannot allow my country to be transformed into a Marxist State. I have my children and future grandchildren to think about.

This Is the Kind of Thought Police We’re Up Against CNN: Everyone Who Voted For Trump Is A ‘White Supremacist By Default’

The #AltLeft Thinks it Controls the Nature of Reality Itself The Clownish Commissars of the Culture; They hate Trump for the common sense they lack.

We Have to Fight. The Alternative is a Progressive Totalitarian Regime. Why the anti-Trump forces must not win

#ANTIFA is the Militant Wing of the Totalitarian #AltLeft Finally, an Honest Voice in the Wilderness=> Ann Coulter: This Country Has Been Roiled by Left-Wing Violence For More Than a Year

The Judases Must Be Cast Out of Our Party Does Anybody Understand What These Never Trump Republicans Think They’re Achieving?

John McCain, Mitt Romney, the Bushes, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Miller, Jeff Flake, and other RINOs, represent the old GOP, the GOP of the establishment, of the political class, of globalism, of American enslavement to the oligarchy. They must be removed from office and denied power. Our movement, this new populist party that Trump represents, will be aborted if these traitors have their way. We have to fight for our liberties if we expect to remain free.

Trump is No Nazi – That Would Be the #AltLeft Donald Trump: The ‘Fascist’ Who Cuts Taxes And Deregulates

 Slavery Has Existed As Long As There Has Been People Being Enslaved By Racism: How We Shall Overcome

The Democrats Are Despicable Racists The real white supremacists

The #AltLeft Has Totally Failed to Separate Trump From His Base New Poll Shows Trump Wins The 2016 Election If Held Again Today; No buyer’s remorse here.

Gender Identity Disorder is a Mental Illness; Sex Reassignment Surgery is Genital Mutilation Survivor Of Transgender Surgery: It’s Not A ‘Sex Change,’ It’s Mutilation


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