Current Events 09-27-2017

This is Bigger Than the NFL – It’s the Opening Salvo in Trump’s War Against the Leftist Media and Its Anti-American Propaganda Trump’s Unintended Consequences: The Turn of the Culture Wars

Trump-Pence 2020: They’re Doing the Work For Him Calling Trump’s remarks on NFL anthem protesters racist is what drives people to him

Tell Us Again How We’re Racist IRONY: CNN Calls Trump Racist While They’re Getting Sued By 175 Black Employees For Discrimination

Maybe Call the Album Bulletproof VEST Rapper Young Dolph Shot Several Times At Loews Hotel In Hollywood

Of Course @POTUS Is Taking Puerto Rico Seriously ‘Berlin Airlift’ Round-the-Clock Relief Flights to Puerto Rico as Media, Dems, GOPe Smear Trump Over Hurricane Response

2018 Is Coming Roy Moore’s Alabama win is just the start: GOP establishment beware


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