Current Events 09-28-2017

Cash Strapped Municipalities Create Laws That Fleece the Poor, and Make Them Criminals and Debtors in the Process Too Broke to Drive; States have trapped millions of Americans in crippling debt by taking away their driver’s licenses. Can the damage be undone?

Worse still, the automotive and oil industries have been allowed to create and maintain a monopoly on transportation, and fight all efforts to create public transport, so the poor are further discriminated against – you must own a car, and hence must have a driver’s license, to have a job. How can people come up out of poverty when politicians continue to saw off the bottom rungs of the ladder?

Punitive Taxes are Yet Another Way Politicians Keep the Rabble In Line and Themselves Unaccountable to Voters Tax Reform — An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The Failures of the Black Community Have To Be Owned By the Black Community – Blaming Whites Isn’t Solving Anything The Subtle Racism of Non-Accountability

Again, politicians have trapped vast swathes of the population in poverty. They are frustrated, angry, and hopeless. Economic growth and infrastructure improvement is the way out, not millionaire’s taking a knee.

The Normals Are In Full Revolt and Change, Real Change, Is Coming GOP, Can You Hear Us Normals Now?

Colin Kaepernick Has Not Only Never Been Oppressed, But Has Had Every Possible Privilege When Celebrity Insults Patriotism


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