Current Events 10-02-2017

The Left Hates You, and They’ll Destroy You If They Can The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

Don’t Tolerate the Lies Everything (That’s Not Sexism) Is Racism

Welcome to Hell If You Fell Asleep in 1961 and Woke Up Today

The Only Racists Are the Ones Who Hate America Unfair Charges of Systemic Racism

Get On Both Knees, Thank God You Were Born American A Friendly Reminder That America Is Still The Most Exceptional Country Of All Time

Stop the Whining There Are No Oppressed People in America

Stop the Lying PATHETIC: Liberals Seek To Frame Puerto Rico As Trump’s Katrina

Typical Figures. Trump Bashing San Juan Mayor Was Big Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016

Busted! ‘People Are NOT Dying’: Geraldo Confronts San Juan Mayor Over Exaggerated Claims


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