Current Events 10-10-2017

The Truth Is Hollywood Is Full of Sexual Predators and Deviants – And These People Are Protected The Real War on Women

How dare they lecture the rest of the nation on anything? Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, are all perversion. They’re wrong, and Hollywood glorifies them. Any attempt to speak truth, to truly love and protect women, by the men who have wives and daughters and mothers they care about, is vilified by the same people who protected this vile human being for decades. Hypocrites.

Ever Wonder Why Child Actors Wind Up Ruined? This Is Why. Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names”

Abortion IS War on Women Easy abortion is a winner for sleazy men

The only ones who truly desire abortion are wicked males who don’t want to be responsible for the offspring their sexual sins inevitably produce. And of course the evil death merchants who profit from the desperation of the poor and the dismemberment of babies.

Thank You, Foul-Mouthed Sodomite. You’ve Proved Our Point. Hysterical Christian-Haters for Property Rights


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