Current Events 10-13-2017

If All Dissent Is Suppressed, You Don’t Have a ‘Consensus’ Don’t Call Climate Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ Call Us ‘Correct’; If it’s totalitarian and unresearched, it’s not a consensus.

Believe The Victim, Unless the Rapist is Powerful and Connected to the Political Class Rose McGowan says Weinstein ‘raped me’; Harvey denies

#AltLeft IS Rape Culture The Perverted Left: #RAPECULTURE, Cover-ups, And Hypocrisy From Weiner to Weinstein

Hollywood is Filled With Powerful Perverts – Their Day Is Done Will Harvey Weinstein Finally Kill the Old Boys’ Network? How many more days are left for the “dinosaurs” of media and entertainment to roam the Earth?

Was Bannon Fired, Or Let Loose? Did Bannon Just Take Down Harvey Weinstein?

If It’s War They Want, It’s War They’ll Get – No More Passive Compliance Towards the Left A Cultural Cold War Gets Warmer

Liberals Ruin Everything Good Bye, Boy Scouts

Boys need to become men. They can’t do that when our henpecked feminist culture has not only succeeded in destroying the nuclear family, but denies them anywhere they can be around other boys and learn, entirely apart from mothering influences, how to be men. The War on Men must stop.


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