Current Events 10-27-2017

That’s the M.O. For Fascists Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

Sure Hope The Guy Doesn’t Become Despondent, Throw Himself Down an Elevator Shaft Onto a Bunch of Bullets Obama Admin Told FBI Informant His ‘Liberty Was in Jeopardy’ If He Didn’t Drop Case Against Govt

There Is Only The Effort to Purge the Party of RINOs There Is No GOP Civil War

More Specifically, It’s OURS It’s Trump’s Party Now

Because It’s The Last Socially Acceptable Form of Racism and Bigotry Majority Of White Americans Say They Face Discrimination

Affirmative Action, Identity Politics, is racism directed at the various unrelated tribes deemed by the American Fascist Left to be “white”.

We Have to Stop Propping Up Dictators in Africa The war you’ve never heard of

Why Won’t You Share the Full Recipe, Neil!? Deconstructing Neil Gorsuch’s Steak Rub: What Is The Justice Hiding?


Payday, Someday Trump’s Storm Is Lashing The Halls Of Corruption


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