Current Events 11-09-2017

Why Does Taxation Have to Be Hard? Tax Code, Like Mad Dog 20/20, Induces Unusual Behavior

His Name Was Seth Rich Does Donna Brazile Know Who Killed Seth Rich?

Hope she’s feeling okay, doesn’t shoot herself several times in a fit of despair.

CRISPR For the Win The future is here: Genetically engineered stem cells save a patient; The genetic disease epidermolysis bullosa left a patient without much skin.

Wealthy Elitists Moved In, Flipped the Electorate Here’s What Really Happened In Virginia (And It’s Shocking)

Maybe Virginia should have built a wall.

As Always, Liberals Transfer Their Sins Onto Everyone Else The Death of a Nacho King Proves the Media Are Cultural Appropriation’s Biggest Enablers; This isn’t the first time the MSM have gotten their tortilla-chip meal provenance wrong.


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