Current Events 11-07-2017

Businesses Must Be Allowed to Fail, Or Succeed, Without Tax Subsidies The All-Electric Car Fairy Tale

Electric Cars Are Yet Another Obama-Era Government Boondoggle – They Are Unsustainable Ban Gas-Powered Cars? California Is Thinking About It

Facts Matter Bushwhacking History; Lying about history is one of the Left’s crudest weapons.

The Left Hates Christians; This Latest Shooting (By a Leftist) Only Re-Iterates This If You’re Responding To A Massacre At A Church By Mocking Prayer, Please Shut Up

That’s Exactly Right – The Solutions Are Not Primarily Political Inner-city needs can’t be delayed four more years

You Know What Causes Mass Shootings? Evil, and the Society That Tolerates and Encourages It Moral Reconstruction, Anyone?


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