Current Events 04-03-2018

Theism Is the Most Rational, Logical, and Personally Beneficial Philosophy There Is Conservatives, Too, Undergo Secular Indoctrination

It’s Bigotry, Pure and Simple – And It Can No Longer Be Tolerated NBC’s Chuck Todd and his Good Friday tweet showed disrespect for Christians, and for America itself

When the Left succeeded in getting Obama elected, and then re-elected, it emboldened them. They seriously thought that they would no longer need to be privately bigoted, but could now “come out” and be publicly and unashamedly bigoted against Christians. They thought that a tidal change in American ideology and culture was inevitable, that they no longer even needed to be polite to Christians anymore, because we were fading into that good night. They were wrong. Dead wrong. Long live the revolution!

It’s Almost Like They’re Blessed or Something It Pays To Be A Christian: Chick-fil-A Will Likely Become America’s Third-Largest Fast Food Restaurant

Democrats Hate Traditional America. They Think We’re “Broken”, and Require Their Wise and Benevolent Rule to “Fix” Us. The Democrats’ Plan to Transform America

Gerrymandering is Vote Fixing, and Should Be Illegal GOOD NEWS, DEMOCRATS: You Aren’t Gerrymandering Victims

It’s All On You, #AltLeft How the Left Created Nikolas Cruz


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