Current Events 04-17-2018

America Is a Perverted Culture The Perversion of America; Mike Pompeo’s Senate hearing revealed an important truth.

The perverts want us pushed to the fringes of society, excluded from every aspect, or maybe just killed. Can you really trust perverts to be just or honorable?

Indoctrinating Generations of Perverts The School System Corrupts And Sexualizes Our Children And Calls It ‘Sex Ed’

“Whites” Are Hated Because They’re Successful Hate-Whitey Racists Are Poison

Bigots. They Are Bigots. New Yorker To Christians: We Don’t Want Your Kind Around Here; Evidently, Dan Piepenbring can’t understand why Chick-fil-A is so popular with New York City residents, given the city’s progressive political and social leanings.

The Last Acceptable Form of Sexism American Popular Culture Has Portrayed Fathers As Drooling Idiots For WAY TOO LONG

Does No One Care For the Victims of Gun Control? The Invisible Victims of Gun Control


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