Current Events 04-18-2018

It Long Ago Shifted From Education to Indoctrination – Public School is All About Control K-12: How Our Schools Make Monsters

Moralizing Is Not The Same As Morality Blame The Left For The Rise Of Moralizing In America; Progressives and social justice warriors today are in the business of moralizing, which isn’t the same thing as being moral.

Only A Vegan Would Be So Wicked As to Hate Chik-fil-A The Real Reason New Yorkers Are Mad About Chick-Fil-A Has Nothing To Do With Christians; Chick-fil-A is not merely a fast food restaurant run by Christians; it is God, speaking to us through food.

Maybe Don’t Invade a Store, Refuse to Buy Anything, and Refuse to Leave When Politely Asked So, Is Starbucks Really Chock Full Of Racist Baristas? The Evidence Isn’t There.