Current Events 06-18-2018

Homosexuality is Perversion, and Its Tolerance Is Destroying Western Civilization Going Fatherless on Father’s Day; Celebrating both Father’s Day and Obergefell in the same month doesn’t add up.

Kids need Moms AND Dads.

Boys Need Dads The Boy Crisis, The Dad Solution

Why Do Democrats Hate America? Why Do They Hate Us?

Leftists Would Rather See America Fail Than Trump Succeed Our Reaction To The North Korea Summit Depends On Our Predisposition About Trump

They’re Not Against Trump – The Left Is Against America Leftists Threaten Democracy, Not Trump.

Heathen Fascist Leftists Have No Moral Authority At All Leftists, Stop Pretending to Like Christianity

When You Stop Murdering Children In Utero, Then We Will Believe You Care About Children Thousands Of American Children Are Separated From Parents Put In Prison Every Year


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