Old Wounds

As a friend of mine pointed out, this wretched show trial, this character assassination of an innocent man, has dredged up a lot of bad memories and feelings for a lot of victims of despicable male behavior. I have to think this was the goal. The Democrats are hurting you in order to keep a guy off the Supreme Court. They want you to react emotionally, to put you right back in those bad feelings, and then transfer those bad feelings to another, in this case Judge Kavanaugh. They are exploiting your trauma, your pain, to achieve their goals. This makes their already wicked actions that much more wicked.

Whatever may have happened to you, I am very sorry it did. It angers and disgusts me that a man would ever harm a woman. My father (a man) raised me better than that. Most of us are the same. We have sisters, mothers, daughters, whom we love and would do bloody violence to protect. We know how we’d like our ladies to be treated by other men, so that’s how we act towards other men’s sisters, mothers, and daughters. It’s what the Bible expressly teaches “Treat all younger women like sisters, all older women like mothers.” And to paraphrase the Apostle Paul “Keep your hands to yourself.” It’s not hard to do.

All I can say is, when we see men treating women badly, it is the duty of decent men to step up and stop it, violently if need be. And ladies, please don’t let the tribalism of the Left suck you in. You’re not a victim. You’re a conqueror. The actions of one bad man in your life should not be used as propaganda tools by a callous, immoral pack of lying Leftists to smear an innocent man. These are the same people who smeared the victims of Bill Clinton’s rapes, and Harvey Weinstein’s abuses. They don’t get to take the moral high ground, not ever.


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