Red Wave Rising

I hope this latest Democrat-created debacle illustrates for many of you what I have been saying for ages – we cannot be bi-partisan. This is because the Democrat party is the party of evil. You cannot be unified with evil. There was a time when both parties were basically pro-American, had similar goals, but slightly different ways of reaching them, but those days are long gone. We can’t work with these people. We can’t accommodate them. We can’t “reach across the aisle.” We can only defeat them. Democrats are the enemies of free people. They hate our country. They hate our Christian faith. They hate our traditions and cultural values. They hate. They must be driven by legal means from every position of power never to return. Vote. Get yourself to the polls and vote. Send the RINOs and the Communist-Democrats down in flames. There’s a red wave rising… 


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth