Current Events 10-11-2018

These People Are Dangerous Hillary Clinton Is Dangerous; Neither she nor her party can be trusted with power anymore.

Democrats Have a Track Record of Tearing Down the Government When They Don’t Get Their Way GOP Voters Need to Remain Fired Up Despite Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

If it’s war you want, then it’s war you shall get. And we’ll defeat you again.

Violent Left Are The Democrats Trying To Get People Killed?

These People Are Fascists Burning Books Is the Next Honest Step for the Kavanaugh-hating Left

Thought Police and the Ministry of Truth The Smears to Come

We Voted For Trump for a Reason Brett Kavanaugh and a #NeverTrump Writer’s Reckoning

We Cannot Yield Our Nation to Mob Rule As Democrats Push Mob Mentality, Media Repeatedly Insist There’s No Such Thing As A Democratic Mob

Denying the Left the Power of Judicial Tyranny For a Generation Trump’s Not Resting After Kavanaugh — He Just Named 13 More Judicial Nominees

Capitalism Is a Miracle of Modern Ingenuity The Ironic Curse of the Free Market; Capitalism is taken for granted while socialism never has to answer for its myriad sins.

China Is Still a Threat, More So Than Even Russia It’s Long Past Time To Start Treating China As An Adversary; The Trump administration says it will push back against Chinese military aggression, espionage, debt diplomacy, and human rights abuses. It’s about time.

Women Have It Pretty Great In America It’s Actually Pretty Great To Be A Woman In America; The confluence of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the one-year anniversary of Me Too is inspiring a markedly, if expectedly, intense wave of negativity about women’s stature in America.

Feminism is a misandrist lie. It is also anti-woman.


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