Current Events 11-13-2018

We Have to Fight The Democrats Are the Threat to Democracy; They couldn’t care less that they’re now officially what they’ve claimed to see in Donald Trump.

Democrats despise our political system. They are perfectly willing to accept it when it benefits them, but when a Republican wins anything, it’s always illegitimate. And they cheat. And they manufacture votes. And they abuse the judiciary to “pass law”. And they flood our country with illegals who DO VOTE. And they oppose any effort on our part to have legal elections with legal votes. And they deem accountability in the form of mandatory national voter ID as vote suppression and racism. Actually anything we do is deemed racist. Can we have a country when half the country considers the laws of that country to be illegitimate and won’t abide by lawful elections? It’s starting to look like 1858.

I don’t want America to go the way of Germany in the 1920’s. I don’t want my country to fall to the Maoists like China. We have to fight.

Every LEGAL Vote Counts The Common Thread in All Those Florida Election Debacles

Democrats Only Know How to Cheat What’s Wrong With Florida Elections?

They can’t win on their merits because they have no merits.


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