Current Events 11-05-2018

We Are Engaged in a Cold Civil War American Politics Is Now Just Civil War by Other Means

Voting Libertarian Is Just Helping Democrats Get Elected Democrats Fund Libertarian Spoilers; Investing dark money in ”independent” campaigns.

It Will Be a Blue Flush, Not a Blue Wave Tuesday Will Tell: Blue Wave or Red Tsunami?

Red Wave Rising We Will Keep Congress. Here’s Why.

It Takes Generations to Create Wealth and Stability – The Parasites From Poor Nations Want An Easy Shortcut The Relevance Of Raspail—Visionary French Novelist Saw It Coming, Published Just Before Censorship Crackdown

We must hold the line. The West will fall if the invaders from poor nations are allowed to sweep into our nations and steal the wealth it took generations to create. They have no right to live in wealthy countries whom they did nothing to help create, and which they will ruin given the chance. They need to stay in their impoverished countries and do the work which our ancestors have already done on our behalf of building their nations, creating a better future for their great-grandchildren.

Well, Isn’t That Just Peachy. Makes Me Want to Strangle a Manatee in the Nude. Bad News, Coffee Drinkers: You’re Probably a Psychopath if You Like Your Coffee Black

It Was All a Lie, Concocted to Lynch an Innocent Man ‘No evidence’ to back Kavanaugh accusers’ claims, Senate panel’s report on FBI probe finds

Will those of you passing out pitchforks and torches, joining the clamor of the mob to “string him up” be apologizing for your despicable behavior? Not likely.


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