Current Events 01-16-2019

We Need More Traditional Masculinity in Our Society We Don’t Need Less Traditional Masculinity, We Need More; This effort to eradicate masculinity is dangerous because it disrupts the relationships that depend on the complementary nature of the sexes.

Third Wave Feminism, the Sexual Revolution, the Homosexual Movement, and Political Correctness have worked to destroy the family in general and men in particular. And now the same heathens that wrought this destruction have the nerve to complain about the consequences.

Masculinity Is Not Toxic – Feminism and Social Justice IS Gillette’s Latest Commercial Is An Anti-Man Dumpster Fire

Feminists Live in a World Created and Secured For Them By Men Procter & Gamble’s Toxic Sanctimony

Barry Goldwater Would Have Been the First Jewish President Goldwater: The Presidential Loser Who ‘Won the Future’


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