Current Events 01-18-2019

Should We Allow Ourselves to Be Datamined and Sold to the Highest Bidder? The Brave New World of Surveillance Capitalism

Let’s Use This Partial Shutdown as a Means to Rid the Taxpayer of Un-fireable Federal Employees Whose Official Title is “Non-Essential” After Trump Gets His Wall Funding, He Should Fire The TSA

America Is a Banana Republic Criminality Of Deep State Investigation Of Trump Confirmed — Has U.S. Become A Banana Republic?

The Democrat Party is the Party of Pure Evil The Democrats Want to Talk About Morality. Here’s Why They Can’t.

In their hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance, Democrats regularly practice transference, in which they project their evils onto us, and then in their perversion, lecture us on our supposed lack of morality.

13th Amendments Don’t Much Matter If We Allow Trafficking Across Our Southern Border Fighting Sex Trafficking Must Be A Pro-Life Mission


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