Current Events 01-21-2019

Quite the Opposite – Religion Is the MOST Reasonable Position Is Religion Anti-Intellectual?

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause;

2. The universe began to exist;


3. The universe has a cause.

Believing the universe has no cause, or that it has always existed, is a very irrational, illogical position.

Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic Bigotry Cannot Be Tolerated Conservative Pundits Hit Back Against Trending ‘#exposechristianschools’

These People Are Dangerous. You Cannot Compromise With Fascists. Just Ask Neville Chamberlain. Who Are The Real Extremists?

 We Elected A Fighter – Don’t Complain When It Gets Bloody The GOP Finally Has a Fighting General; And, despite what George Will says, Trump is winning.

The GOP has fielded too many political generals – now we finally have a fighter.

Every. Single. Time. Everyone Who Takes on Trump Ends Up Crushed




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