Current Events 03-02-2019

1858 In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

Democrats have refused to accept the outcome of any election in which a Republican won in the 21st century. They consider the country as founded to be immoral and invalid, and want to destroy and remake it. They are Socialists. They are baby killers. They think they are the only REAL Americans, and the rest of us are deplorable. How can we be united with such people? The country will not remain divided. It will either become all one thing or all the other. 

There Will Be Reprisals If a Democrat Wins the White House in 2020

Settle In For the Long Haul – We Won a Battle in 2016, Not the War Who Comes after Trump?

AmericaNS First Why the President’s Emphasis on America First Makes Sense

They Murder Babies For a Living Former Planned Parenthood Employee Describes ‘Dark’ Culture And Personality ‘Demise’


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