Current Events 03-16-2019

Pick a Side – You Cannot Be Neutral in This Fight We Fight Now or the Socialists Win

To Answer Your Question, NO. Is There a Future for Jewish Americans in the Democratic Party?

The message to Christians and Jews is clear – we are not welcome. Ilhan Omar is a bigot who hates Jews. She is only in our country because our former Muslim-loving President shipped a bunch of Somali refugees to Minnesota and fast tracked them to citizenship to help him get re-elected. These people are Islamists. They hate the West. They hate Israel. They hate Western principles of freedom. They are not Americans, nor ever plan on BEING Americans. They only want America to change to suit them. They are unworthy of any place in our society, and should never have been brought here.

No Hyphens Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty?

America has never been great because of diversity. We became great because we’re a melting pot. In other words, you come here, you blend with the culture until you can’t see any differences based on ethnicity or religious creed. We’re all Americans. Period.

Not a Peep From the Media Christianity CRACKDOWN: Crisis in Nigeria as THOUSANDS killed in ‘pure GENOCIDE’

This Must Be the Response Every Time the Media Slanders a Conservative Roseanne Barr Says She’s Ready To Start Suing Mainstream Media Outlets

Chill Out Ann. Ann Coulter, Hold Your Fire!

Interesting Harvard University uncovers DNA switch that controls genes for whole-body regeneration


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