Republicans are ALWAYS Illegitimate

For those of you too young to remember the 2000 election debacle, let me refresh your memory. Just like in the the 2018 mid-terms, there was massive voter fraud in Broward County Florida. Boxes of votes were “found”, the same then as now. The paper ballots they were using were deemed to be inadequate (any balloting method that doesn’t favor Democrats will always be found inadequate) because the little punches weren’t always completely pushed through. Thus the phrase “hanging chads”. Long story short, George W Bush won 5 independent ballot counts, and finally the Supreme Court had to step in and end the recounts. The Democrat strategy has always been “keep recounting until we win”. Yet, for 8 years, the Democrats and the Lying Media called him the “Appointed President”. They invalidated the legitimacy of his election. 

Now we have Trump. It’s the same thing again. Massive voter fraud, which he managed to overcome. Then, when it became clear Queen Hillary wasn’t going to win, they cooked up the Russian Collusion hoax. When this was proved to be a bald-faced lie, did they apologize? Of course not. We will hear for all 8 years of his Presidency that his election was illegal. Once again, a Republican wins and the Democrats work to undermine the legitimacy of his election. Starting to see a pattern yet? Any time a Republican tries to win an election, there will be massive fraud, and should this fail, the Democrats will work to undermine the legitimacy of the election. Every. Time. These people are guilty of voter fraud, treason, and sedition. They do not believe in the legitimacy of our election process unless it benefits them, and they do not believe in the rule of law unless it benefits them. This is a recipe for Civil War. Exactly like the last time the Democrats caused one. Cause for concern…


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