A Response to Pete Buttigieg’s Raving Leftist Lunacy

According to 1 John 3, you cannot continue in sin and be a Christian. The natural effect of knowing God and having the Holy Spirit, having been washed from your sin by the blood of Jesus Christ, is that you stop habitually sinning. This is not to say you won’t struggle with sin or be tempted – everybody does and is. But sin should not be your master, nor should you surrender to sinful behaviors and attempt to retcon Scripture to make your behavior no longer an offense to God.

Here is the problem with Pete Buttigieg and other so-called “Gay Christians” – they have retconned Scripture to make homosexuality okay. I’m going to say it because it has to be said. You cannot be a Christian and “gay”. I would also say you cannot be a Christian and be a rapist, or a pedophile, or a thief. Nobody who habitually sins, and feels no guilt, can possibly be filled with the Holy Ghost, because conviction of sin is one of the Holy Spirit’s jobs.

I am not talking about people who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions. Far from it.

I mean specifically those people who have made homosexual behavior and attractions their whole identity, who call themselves “gay”, who have “come out”, who have organized themselves politically and want to redefine the whole of reality to make homosexuality normative. And among these are those calling themselves “gay Christians” with no sense of irony whatsoever, and those compromised Evangelicals who wish to be seen as “tolerant” by the new groupthink.

Now to be clear, I am not calling for hatred towards homosexuals, and certainly not violence. I don’t think they should be jailed or persecuted in any way. We have a duty to homosexuals, as we do to every one caught by habitual sin, to persuade them of their sinful state, give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and bring them to the transformed state that is the result of salvation by grace through faith alone. It is an abuse of Scripture to take one group of sinners, retcon their sin, and then declare them wholly innocent of any wrong doing.

In today’s political climate, it is hate to think these things, let alone put them in writing. I am guilty of an act of violence, simply through writing words. I think this is the biggest objection I, as a Christian, have to today’s homosexualist. It is not enough to be merely tolerant of homosexual behavior. We are required to recant all clear Biblical teaching to the contrary, and be fully accepting of the gay lifestyle with all of its related evils. We have to believe, without any equivocation, that an evil thing is really a good thing. And we have to denounce all those who won’t adopt this new “normal” as enemies of the State. And if you do not, digital lynch mobs will go after your livelihood, your reputation, tell you to kill yourself, and threaten your family.

This is fascism.

So, in spite of my commitment to love all sinners, including those who struggle with homosexual addictions, I must be steadfastly opposed to the new emerging groupthink that envisions a world where Christians such as myself who hold to a full and correct interpretation of Scripture are not welcome. We take our stand now, or face extermination tomorrow.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth