Current Events 05-08-2019

I Don’t Want to Be Right, But The Trends Are Clear – Sooner or Later, They Will Try to Kill Us, and We Have To Be Ready To Fight Them Gay Democrat Mocks, Harasses Christians For Praying Quietly On Sidewalk; LGBT advocacy today comes from a place of rage and hatred. It is a movement of obnoxious lecturing, intimidation, bullying, and bitter rage that does little more than validate prejudices.

We have already seen that Leftists have no problems murdering babies they deem to be inconvenient. And Christians are very very inconvenient to these heathens.

There Is No Place For Us In a World Run By Leftists Jim Crow 2.0: Big Tech’s Separate And Unequal Treatment Of Christians And Conservatives

The 1st amendment is invalid, because it was written by a bunch of white guys. So that makes it okay to be totalitarian.

When There Are No Moral Absolutes, Truth Is Whatever You Say It Is Google Ban On Claremont Institute Ad Is Another Black Eye For Big Tech; This week Google barred the Claremont Institute from advertising by falsely labeling it as racially motivated. It’s a growing problem that must stop.

Government Cannot Be Relied On Sinking to Third World Status

Because the rule of Law and the Constitution have been obliterated by these people.


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