Current Events 05-15-2019

Why Do We Care What Less Than 2% of the Population Thinks About Anything? LGBTQ: Forcing Us to Embrace Evil, Destructive Lies

There are reasons why the Bible condemns homosexual behavior. The nations that have normalized it are gone, and those who do in the present are doomed. We don’t have to bow the knee to heathens and perverts.

And Just Like That, Alyssa Milano Achieves Parity With Christians Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Reinforces Conservatives’ View Of The Sex Market; By advocating for women to withhold sex from men in order to attain bodily autonomy, Milano has stumbled backwards into the realm of Christianity.

They Are Unworthy Of It Should the Liberty Bell Leave Philadelphia?

Starting to Look That Way Amazon Will Put UPS Out of Business

The Time Has Come For Abortion To Join Slavery on the Ash Heap of History ‘It goes after Roe directly’: Alabama’s abortion bill heads to state senate


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