Current Events 05-23-2019

#Science Falsely So Called I Hate #Science Because All Conservatives Hate #Science

You Control Your Own Body – Not Bodies You Have In Your Womb Simple Truths about Abortion

The Baby is Innocent of the Crime What Do Rape Victims Say About Their Pregnancies?
Women who faced the unspeakable horror of rape, with a resulting pregnancy, speak out on what that experience was like and why they chose life.

Why should the baby be executed for the crimes of the rapist? If you must execute someone, execute the rapist.

California is a 3rd World Country Now Open Letter to CA Gov. Newson from a Parent Whose Kids Are Leaving the State

Democrats Want to Replace Us, Because Real Americans Would Never Vote For Them The Democrats’ Alien Voting Strategy

Terrorists and the Liars Who Back Them Report Shows Online Ties Linking HuffPost, the Guardian, and SPLC to Antifa


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