Current Events 10-25-2019

The Left/Democrats Are Un-American Where Does the Impulse to Vilify America and the West Come From?

The Future The Progressives Wanted Is Dying Beware Moving Cheese

Everything Depends On It. It’s Why It Is First. Freedom in the Crosshairs: Why Religious Liberty Must Prevail

Perverts America’s Plunge Into Madness Began When Words Lost Their Meaning – It Was Long Ago Warned: ‘When Words Lose Their Meaning, People Will Lose Their Liberty’  

Stop the Coup or Lose the Republic GOP Has A Choice: Fight Anti-Trump Coup Effort Or Surrender Government To Democrats; Republicans have two choices for how to handle the Resistance’s latest attempt to undo the 2016 election through dramatic means. They can sit there and take it, or they can fight.

Slander Joe Biden Says Trump Protects White Supremacists. The Record Tells A Different Story


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