Current Events 10-31-2019

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Famed Forensic Pathologist: Evidence Points to Homicide Rather Than Suicide in Epstein Case

It’s More Pathological Than Mere Dislike Why Woke Comedy’s ‘Punching Down’ Rule Is A Joke

They hate us, and they will kill us if they can. We must not let them.

Trump Fights Evangelicals Worry About Growing Intolerance, See Trump as Bulwark of Protection

Why should we be expected to vote for milquetoast so-called Evangelical candidates of dubious value? They’re great at making excuses why they cannot act, but they don’t fight. Trump fights.

It’s PsyOps – Always Has Been Anti-Trump Media Is Waging Psychological Warfare Against the American People

Of Course They Have. It’s GOD’S Chicken! Chick-fil-A’s Sales Have Doubled Since LGBT Boycott Began in 2012


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