Current Events 02-04-2020

Well, now that the impeachment scam has run its course, maybe there will be some actual news. Maybe.

Democrats Hate America As Founded Why the Left Really Wants to Kill America

They will destroy it and us if they can.

How On Earth Could Anybody Have a Problem With Perverts Co-Opting Public Libraries to Indoctrinate and Sexualize Young Children? Bill Would Allow Parents Say over Drag Queen Story Hours in Taxpayer-Funded Libraries

Get Well, Mr. Limbaugh – America Still Needs You Godspeed, Rush Limbaugh

Stand Together or Hang Separately The Factions of the Right and How They Fight

First Truth: Never Believe Communist State Media Wuhan’s Defiant Citizen Video Journalists

The Evidence Suggests This Was a Bioweapon Either Accidentally or Intentionally Released Is the Coronavirus Outbreak China’s Chernobyl?

Well Of Course ‘FINAL WARNING’ China cops threaten to jail people for seven years if they share news on social media about killer coronavirus spread

Ted Cruz’s Talents Are Wasted in the Presidency Ted Cruz Can Once Again Be the Bigger Man.


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