Current Events 02-05-2020

You Cannot Claim to Love America and Not Love Americans SOTU Clarifies the Choice in November; It boils down to a love for Americans and our liberty versus a lust for power and control over others.

You Can’t Vote For Democrats If You Love Your Country The Five Worst Moments of the Democrats’ SOTU; They’re so awful it’s shocking.

They hate us. Is this not yet clear to you, Democrat voter? You’re voting Democrat due to some misplaced loyalty to a Party that disappeared decades ago. The only difference between then and now is that now they are open and honest in how much they hate us and hate our country. This Party does not deserve anybody’s vote, unless their goal is the destruction of our country. In which case, you’re a traitor too, and a willing participant in the evils of the most diabolical ideological cult since Chairman Mao.

Great Week to Be a Trump Supporter Completely Tearing Up — Over the Best Week in the Entire Trump Presidency; Even Nancy the Ripper couldn’t spoil it.

It’s okay to love America.

PA is Trump Country Now SOTU: President Trump Has Delivered for Northeastern Pennsylvania…and Pennsylvania Will Deliver Victory in 2020

They Aren’t Going to Give Up Their Ill-Gotten Power Willingly Facing Up To the Revolution
Our ultimate objective, unlike that of our enemies, is “peace among ourselves and with all nations.” But what kind of peace we may get depends on the extent to which we may compel our enemies to leave us in peace. And for that, we must do unto them more and before they do unto us.

We have to take it from them. By force if necessary.

Anti-America Propaganda Month Saying No to Black History Month

We Cannot Spare This Man If Ruth Bader Ginsburg Can Beat Cancer, So Must Rush

Mayor Cheat #MayorCheat Trends as Pete Buttigieg’s Iowa Machinations Come to Light


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