Current Events 02-11-2020

I Don’t Know That I Fear Them, But I DO Recognize the Threat Why Ignorant Young Americans Like Buttigieg, AOC, And David Hogg Should Scare You; From media, to entertainment, to finance and big business, all must abide by the dictates of a new religious class, the priests of progressivism.

It is a political cult, like Maoism. And like Maoism, they will try to kill us if they get the chance. We must not give them that chance. All ideas are not valid, all ideologies are not true. There is truth, and there is falsehood. This is falsehood, and so should be opposed vigorously and unashamedly.

Where Do You Think You’re Going!? AOC to Blacks: Get Back on the Plantation; Attacks Rush Limbaugh as “virulent racist.”

We Must Resist Tyranny, Or Else Lose All Right to Do So Totalitarianism And Ignorance

I Cannot Say It Enough – Focus on the Result The Evangelical Divide; The evangelical rank and file know full well who’s on their side.

No “righteous” candidate ever did as much for religious freedom and the rights of the unborn as Donald J Trump.

We’ve Been Divided For Some Time. We Won’t Remain So Forever. Long Before Trump, We Were a Divided People

What They Cannot Do By Law, They Do Through Exploiting the Freedoms That Ought to Protect Us Progressives Find New Ways To Discriminate Against Conservatives

Promises Made, Promises Kept Donald Trump’s Budget Promises 1,000 Miles of Border Wall


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