Current Events 04-25-2020

Will America Finally Learn Its Lesson? The scab & the wound beneath

Democrats can’t be reasoned with, can’t be bargained with, they don’t care about facts, or logic, or common sense, only the unyielding lust for ever more power at our expense. They cannot be permitted to hold government power anywhere ever again.

Will Our Civil Rights Recover Now That Leftists Have a Taste of REAL Power? Authoritarianism On The Rise In America In The Age Of Coronavirus

America First Poll Shows 2:1 Support of Trump’s Jobs-for-Americans Immigration Shift

Nationalism is no longer a dirty word.

Never Again – Learn From Sweden’s Example ‘The Pretense of Knowledge’ has Cost America Dearly

We’re Doomed If People Like This Are Allowed to Do Our Thinking Cataclysmic Feelings
A thought experiment on the value of science turns into a digression about emotional trivialities.


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