There Are No Non-Combatants

We have to chart our future. Screaming and crying and casting blame isn’t helping. Who will we vote for in November? We hire politicians to wield power on our behalf as citizens. Who will we choose and how much power do we want them to have? What kind of country do we want to live in when this is all over? These are critical questions.

Not taking a side is the coward’s way, the fool’s way, and is in itself choosing a side. I for one will continue my drive to deny power to Democrats, who when this all blew up, were busy trying to impeach Trump, and then as it developed, turned into the little dictators they always were (Essential: abortions, Not-Essential: churches).

My desires are simple. I want a small, accountable, pro-American government that focuses on secure borders, creating American jobs, and dealing with the threat of China before it’s too late. I want to abort Roe v Wade. I want more protection from crazed Leftists who clearly hate me and want people like me killed or driven onto reservations (think Brave New World). Most of all, I want freedom. Freedom to speak. Freedom to worship. Freedom to congregate. No excuses. I will continue to back the politicians who will deliver those things for me.

Being informed, being political, is something every rational person must do. Otherwise, you are ceding your power to effect change to others who do not have your best interests at heart. In this fight of freedom vs communism, there are no non-combatants now.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth